Backup Solutions / Cloud Backups

Why do you need to backup your data? Why is it important to take backups? What backup solutions are right for me and my business?

Backup servicesBecause, gone are the days when data is just a throw away item which your business can take or leave, in todays business environment your data is everything. Without your data your business cant exist as we store every element of our businesses on hard drives but what happens if this hard drive crashes, or the worse case scenario, Fire, Flood or Theft! What would you do then?

Well if the hard drive has a hardware error such as a faulty circuit board or internal fault with the disks or the mechanism then expect a hefty bill to recover this information. Alternatively why not take a pro-active approach to data loss and create a backup solution to give your business more resilience in case your computers (or server) hard drive crashes.

The solutions we can offer give your business more data security with backups either to tape drives, removable media or even online cloud based storage.

We arrange everything from setting up the backup software, installing devices, setting backup schedules and even training staff if required. Billing can be provided on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis or even outright depending on the solution used.

So can you afford to be without your business data if the worst happens?

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