Virtual Machines, Vistualization

Consolidate resources and reduce costs

Maximise your IT Network

IT administrators are under increasing pressure to maximise the effectiveness of their systems and hardware. Organisations virtualising some or all of their infrastructure will benefit from huge improvements in efficiency, flexibility, system utilisation while delivering impressive cost savings.

What does it do? How does it work?

Virtual Machines, a Cloud based service allows multiple operating systems such as Windows and Linux, to be run on a single server. Each operating system can then run its own individual application. In a traditional model, organisations may have had multiple servers running individual application, leading to a high capital investment, ongoing maintenance and repair costs as well as high power usage. Fluctuating demands on memory and processing capacity also means that in the traditional model, systems must at all times be capable of dealing with the maximum demand.

In a Virtualised model, multiple servers can be consolidated, immediately leading to massive savings. In addition, users can set the memory and processing capacity assigned to each application, ensuring that each is running as efficiently as possible. The flexibility of Virtual Machines also allows users to up or down scale capacity easily to cope with an increase or drop off in demand.

Traditional Architecture vs Virtual ArchitectureMilkshake Cloud based servers deliver Virtual Machines based on VMware, a market leading and highly available platform. The key benefit of this platform is the ability to immediately switch Virtual Machines to another server should there be any issues with the main server. Thanks to the extensive UK data centre network users can select specific data centre zones geographically to ensure that their data is held in distinct locations should there be any issues with the primary location. This allows for an extremely flexible and adaptable network. It also allows users to perform testing or maintenance easily by switching their servers between the main and backup systems.

Features and Benefits
– Run multiple operating systems from one server

– Reduce costs

– Maximise capacity

– Powered by VMware, the global leader in virtualisation technology

– High availability with VMware

– Improve energy efficiency

– Secure and accredited UK data centre network

– 24/7 technical support

– Improve desktop management

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