Microsoft ends support for Windows XP

Windows XP Facts

– Released in October 2001

– Sales ended in October 2010

– XP stands for eXPerience

– At its peak, XP was installed on 1.6 billion PC’s

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As you may or may not be aware, on the 8th April 2014 Microsoft will stop supporting their Windows XP operating system which has now reached the end of its life after being the operating system of choice.

What does this mean for your business?

First and foremost it means that from 8th April Microsoft will stop support this operating system and no longer issue security updates are patches to fix problems. If you are running Windows XP then this means in the future your machine will be more vulnerable to hacking attacks, viruses and other nasty infections.

I’ve been told I cant upgrade from Windows XP, what do I do?

We know some businesses run older software which maybe no longer supported but is still very useful and important, and newer versions of Windows can be set to run in Windows XP mode. This allows you to run Windows XP in an environment inside a newer Operating System. There are also other options available if you need XP compatibility.

So what can I do?

In the short term give Milkshake Design a call and we can go through the options you have to either update or future proof yourself as much as possible but first and foremost make sure your Anti Virus software is up to date and also before the 8th April make sure that you visit the Microsoft Windows Update website and download and apply all the security updates applicable to your computers.

What if I decide to do nothing?

Well, to coin a phrase “your storing up trouble for the future”. If you fail to act before this date then any issues you may already have or have yet to find maybe exaggerated in the future. We are already seeing software vendors announcing end of life support for their products as well. There are several options open to those currently using Windows XP and a quick phone call to us can help point you in the right direction.

Do I have to update to Windows 8?

No there are other options available, and as well as future proof (at least for the next few years) your PC you might get a speed boost out of it as well.

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